Nick began as Assistant to the Producer on the PBS Documentary, “America’s Political Parties” followed by two years as an Assistant to the Producer for Alexandra Rose, the Oscar-nominated Producer of Norma Rae, on the feature Quigley Down Under.  He was later a Story Analyst for Oscar winner Arnold Kopelson (Platoon).

He attended the American Film Institute in the Graduate Producing Program, and was the Producer of two short 35mm films, under Panavision New Filmmaker’s Program. Nick was hired as Research and Editing Assistant on the major PBS documentary series about Apartheid by Oscar-nominee Connie Field,  “Have You Heard From Johannesburg?”

He was a Finalist in the Roy W. Dean Memorial Grant for two different documentaries. He produced the independent film Nutcracker: An American Nightmare, made for a shoestring budget and sold worldwide. In 2008, Nick was hired to teach Editing, Film History, and Guerrilla Filmmaking at the International Academy of Film and Television.

He has also independently produced and directed two documentaries, Takashi’s Dream, and The Brokaw Hoax, and was co-Producer and Editor on Steel Drums, Not Guns, and On Borrowed Time. This past year, Nick was Producer and Editor of a documentary entitled Genghis Heroes, about the children of Mongolia and is a consultant for Directors from Israel, Turkey, Pakistan, and Iran.

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